Rose Mwaura

Manager, Marketing & Business Development, FKE

Rose is an intelligent mature Business Management Professional with rich experience in Sales and Marketing and total Management of Business Operations with over 15 years working experience in both Fast moving Consumer goods and Service Industries. Having worked for various companies including Crowne Industries, Kenroid Limited and Eveready East Africa Plc, she has contributed to the growth of various multinational brands Including Heinz, Mars, Nestle, Perfetti Van Melle, Mc-vities, and Energizer among others.

Rose is currently serving over 4000 Employers in Kenya for the last 4 years at the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) as a Manager in marketing, business development, communication and public relations.

A role that contributes to the marketing and communication strategy for the growth of the entire business and Member Engagement. An all rounded expert who balances both qualitative and quantitative skills very well, with planning and executing, cost-control, developing and motivating, communicating, and managing change skills. Passionate about influencing the world through imparting skills and knowledge in Management training and networking forums.

Motivated by formulating and implementing of Marketing and Business Strategies geared towards the achievement of corporate goals and Customer Service Excellence.

A graduate of MBA from Daystar University with a concentration in Strategic Management, and a  Bachelor’s degree in  Business Administration & Management and a minor in Marketing. An astute Servant Leader currently doing further self-development through a Ph.D. in Management and Leadership at the Management University of Africa and currently at Thesis Development stage.