Ruth Mwanzia

Director, Koola Waters Company

Ruth Mawia Mwanzia is a 28 years old born again Christian and the Director of Koola Waters Company. She is also the Founder of AfriBiz Academy. Koola Waters is a company that specializes in manufacturing, distribution, and packaging of pure drinking water, we are KEBS Certified and we are based in Karen, Nairobi Area. She ventured into this business because she grew up in Kitui, a region that experiences semi-arid kind of climate and rain is not promised, as a way of addressing the challenges that my community was facing, things to do with drought, water scarcity and water shortages.

She is also the Founder of AfriBiz Academy. AfriBiz Academy is a platform for entrepreneurs who are at the Idea stage or starting out or have started out but they are feeling stuck. At AfriBiz Academy we offer mentorship, consulting and coaching. She started AfriBiz Academy after the challenges she faced as a start-up when she started Koola Waters, including things to do with market penetration, getting the first ten customers, funding, just to name a few, and after overcoming most of these challenges, she decided to give back to the entrepreneurs who were having similar challenges.