Laura Mwakio

Founder & CEO, Touch by Laura

With more than five years’ experience in the areas of fashion, creative studio, bridal and makeup
education, Laura, one of the most sort after makeup Artist in Kenya, has learnt from her clients one
universal rule: women want to look fresh, flawless and beautiful. It’s this principle that drives a signature
style that is feminine and natural, yet in keeping with modern style inspiration drawn from her many
creative sources.
Laura’s vast experience, combined with training by some of the industry’s most highly regarded
professionals, sees her clients transformed into their best selves. Her certifications/master classes
include the City & Guilds Certified Cosmetologist.
Visit Laura’s social media pages to see most of her works.
You can contact her for makeup on your special occasion, book in for a personalized makeup lesson so
you can achieve flawless makeup at home, or let her come to you and prep you for your special event or
big day.