SUA sets stage to expand collaborations with Africa’s TVET education leaders

StartUpAfrica (SUA) and the Commonwealth Association of Technical Universities and Polytechnics in Africa (CAPA) are forging a long-term working relationship through an agreement to pursue various collaborative ventures, all aimed at mutual goals in academic, entrepreneurship, innovation, and research among others.

On November 14th, StartUpAfrica Executive Director, Erastus Mong’are and CAPA Secretary General, Dr. Olobunmi Owoso signed a memorandum of understanding that opens doors for joint entrepreneurship and innovation projects aimed at supporting students and faculty between the two organizations.

The major objectives set forth in the MOU include identification of qualified institutions in Africa for innovation support, provision of entrepreneurship development training, initiating research in suitably placed CAPA institutions as desired, contributing to fostering and development of the cooperative relationships between the two organizations, needs identification and offer of assistance to Technical Universities, Polytechnics, other Technical Vocational Education and Training Institutions (TVETs), as well as micro and small enterprises, in the areas of business advisory support, research and development and intellectual property management.

The agreement further provides other areas of collaboration to include the use of students and faculty at CAPA partner universities to support activities of SUA through mentorship and experiential learning, development of a platform to capitalize on SUA/Diaspora relationships to support mentoring and networking for both SUA students and CAPA youth entrepreneurs, SUA to coordinate and conduct all Regional and National idea competitions under its Pitch Africa program in collaboration with CAPA, jointly scale the promotion of youth entrepreneurship at technical universities, polytechnics and TVETs across Africa at the country level, and, impact investors from SUA Network (Investors Network) to support CAPA and SUA projects either financially or in kind.

“Building capacity for entrepreneurship, technical skills and industrialization is indispensable for (rapid) job growth and economic development in African economies,” said Dr. Olubunmi Owoso.

The memorandum signing ceremony was hosted by the office of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Francis W. O. Aduol, Vice-Chancellor, The Technical University of Kenya whose mission is to provide technological education and training and to contribute towards the advancement of society through research and innovation. Prof. Aduol is the representative of CAPA’s Headquarters seat on the Executive Board was a witness to the signing of the MOU.