StartUpAfrica seeing results despite lack of funding

Erastus Mong’are

Erastus Mong’are was in Kenya during the post-election crisis in 2007. He witnessed firsthand the utter violence that infamously ripped, gauged and burned its way through his home country’s social, political and economic fiber. Yet, somewhere within that chaos, Mong’are found inspiration.

“I met a group of young people who were in support of the opposition leader who had lost the election, and was trying to engage them in why they were willing to risk their lives [violently protesting],” he recalled. “They justified by saying the opposition leader had promised young people employment while he was in office. They had lost hope.”

One of those protesters was a 23 year-old college graduate with a degree in engineering. He was looking for a job, but couldn’t find one. Mong’are said that interaction was his “wake-up call.” He began to wonder how many educated young people were in the same boat. Full article.