Annual Innovation Competition
This annual event is geared towards connecting and engaging high school students from Africa and developed countries in business, education, science and technology-based career opportunities to come up with entrepreneurial initiatives to solve community challenges. Participation in the competition is restricted to a team, or multiple teams, that will be created to compete in our Annual Innovation Competition.

Teams that win in this competition will be given support (financial and other resources) to help develop their idea further into a full business.

Annual Entrepreneurship Conference and Gala
The StartUpAfrica Entrepreneurship Conference and Gala is the world’s largest Diaspora-run event focused on business in Africa. It brings together participants and is the ultimate networking opportunity for business/entrepreneurs and community leaders, corporate sponsors, students, educators from around the world, and anyone passionate about business opportunities in Africa, and the right place for potential entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas in our Idea Generation Competition

This conference is all about exploring opportunities for the next generation to engage in Africa’s emergence as a business center, and honoring local and national entrepreneurs who have excelled in their enterprises . Join us for what promises to be an engaging and enlightening discussion about doing business in Africa.

Entrepreneurship Roundtable Events
StartUpAfrica’s Entrepreneurs Roundtable Events are our way of connecting entrepreneurs with the community and investors. We do this through holding regular company sponsored events through networking and pitching events, introductions, mentoring, workshops and creating healthy startup ecosystems.

Check our calendar for upcoming Entrepreneurs Roundtable Events.

Connecting the World to Africa
At StartUpAfrica, we understand that to attain a greater international presence, businesses must achieve and maintain success in today’s global marketplace. We train tomorrow’s entrepreneurship leaders who understand how the overlooked Africa has in the last few years brought about positive and significant changes in the continent’s business landscape.

Our Connecting Africa to the World Program provides the framework to raise awareness of Africa as an environment ripe for ample business opportunities and enables businesses to acquire the knowledge and skills required to lead in the African business sector. We work with businesses that are just starting or those seeking to expand by providing the necessary support to expand their company’s reach into the African market. Our support includes services such as: Enhancing the business community’s readiness of entering into business relationships with Africa; Facilitating partnerships between international businesses and those in Africa; Increasing Africa-related knowledge among entrepreneurs; and, Offering the annual Entrepreneurship Conference and Awards Gala, Entrepreneurship Round-tables, etc.

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