StartUpAfrica knows that our youth who are Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs Today (TET)™ have great business ideas and can benefit from some guidance to help make them a reality.

Gaining access to knowledge through a professional network is a critical component of all entrepreneurial ventures. As a result, building a network will allow the you to discover partnerships that can assist with leading your entrepreneurial ventures to success.

StartUpAfrica’s world-class mentoring program personally matches youth with experienced business professionals whose skills and expertise suit their needs. Our mentorship network is comprised of potential mentors and advisors from a variety of professional disciplines including accounting, legal, human resource, sales and marketing, finance, leadership, organizational management and others. Youth participating in our program will gain valuable indirect benefits from establishing a network with mentors and advisors including learning how to interact with business professionals, learning to communicate, gaining self-confidence and developing much needed business skills. The mentorship continues even after you leave the center and enter into business.

You will be matched and introduced to your potential mentor once you have successfully been admitted into our program. You and your mentor will meet regularly over the course of the course of your training and beyond. The value you gain from your mentoring relationship will help to firmly establish you and your business on the road to success.

Startup Program
StartUpAfrica’s Start-up Program provides the support entrepreneurs need to make their business ideas a reality. StartUpAfrica is launching the first-of-its-kind entrepreneurship and venture center in Kenya. The center will teach the principles of entrepreneurship, offer supports and resources to emerging entrepreneurs, and give young adults hands on experience in entrepreneurship through its “entrepreneurship labs”. In these labs students will work hands-on inside real businesses. Participants will also benefit from resources to help them create winning business plans, coaching, mentorship, financing, incubation space and post-launch services to position their businesses for long-term success.

Youth Entrepreneurship Program
StartUpAfrica’s Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP) is our organization’s response to the demand for educating the next generation of entrepreneurs. The program is designed for high school and college students, ages 15-27 who want to explore the world of business. Participants receive practical, hands-on training from business advisors and local business leaders.

Business Boot Camp
This program is designed to teach youth how to start a business or explore the world of business as a means of promoting entrepreneurship as a career pathway. During the week long business boot camp, participants will work individually or in teams to develop a business plan for starting and growing a business of their choice. The 40-hour program is structured to offer practical and hands-on learning from StartUpAfrica’s mentors and Local Business Leaders.