The University of Delaware and StartupAfrica are partnering to offer a truly remarkable opportunity to high-school age students in Kenya. Through this program, young people will develop new business ideas, gain valuable knowledge & skills, and compete for a share of the Challenge’s prize pool.

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  1. Participation in the Diamond Challenge begins with a free registration. Each team must have 2-4 student members and a teacher who is willing to advise them.
  2. A custom curriculum consisting of 12 short videos has been developed to guide participants through the process of developing a new business concept.
  3. Teams’ written business concepts and pitches will be scored on feasibility and potential by panels of experts; top teams will earn a share of the prize pool.

Hands On Learning: The Diamond Challenge provides an impactful, hands-on learning opportunity. Participants will learn a repeatable process for coming up with new ideas and building a business like a scientist. By working with the members of their team to devise, submit, and pitch a business concept, participants will develop their creative, problem solving, and communication skills.

Empowerment: Acquiring entrepreneurial knowledge and skills will empower participants to take a job or make a job. Startups and small businesses need people who can recognize opportunities and successfully pursue them with limited resources. Larger companies need to continuously develop new products and new markets to remain competitive and continue to grow.

Connections: Connections are incredibly valuable for entrepreneurs. They provide access to experts, partners, and potential customers. As part of the process of devising a business concept, participants will be challenged to make new connections to get feedback on their ideas. Participants will also have opportunities to connect with members of their local entrepreneurial communities.

The Diamond Challenge was begun by a broad coalition of partners including Delaware Technical Community College, Junior Achievement of Delaware, Glasgow High School, Delaware’s Department of Education, and two University of Delaware programs – the Center for Economic Education & Entrepreneurship and the Horn Program in Entrepreneurship. These partners worked to develop the curriculum and model for Diamond Challenge. StartupAfrica is a strong partner of the University of Delaware and is excited to have the opportunity to adapt this groundbreaking program for young people in Kenya.

To register, please visit