The African Union has entered into a partnership with StartUpAfrica. This partnership will take our platform on a pathway to employability or self-employment to scale, and specifically provide:

• Quality and relevant project based learning curriculum to all public and vocational training (TVET) high schools, with rigorous monitoring and evaluation of this after-school elective certificate course;
• A robust training for teachers and mentors, via a technology platform for scale, with rigorous monitoring and evaluation;
• A social network platform to engage students with US-based Diaspora, fellow students, mentors, potential employers, investors and sponsors;
• The ability to participate in local, national, regional, Pan-African and international business pitch competitions, such as the Diamond Challenge hosted by the University of Delaware.
• Access to capital for tuition, loans and/or startup funds through traditional banks, FinTechs and investors;
• Support to women entrepreneurship initiatives; and
• Access to employer recruitment ‘bridging the skills gap’ and incubation for startups.