StartUpAfrica to host the 2016 Women Entrepreneurship Summit

STARTUPAFRICA today announced that its Women Entrepreneurship Summit is set for January 28, 2016 at Intercontinental Hotel Nairobi. The signature event will focus on “Launch, Grow and Succeed,” offering participants from academia, business, government, and nonprofit valuable understanding about the factors driving Africa, and indeed the global economic growth, and how through their businesses, they can be part of the process.

The StartUpAfrica Women Entrepreneurship Summit (SWES) will feature top international and local experts in entrepreneurship as well as senior business executives, who will explore a range of factors for success within Africa’s complex, dynamic market environment. Summit participants will gain important insights on how to transition from a promising entrepreneurial idea (launching) to an up-and-running business (growing) as well as building enough capital to sustain the business (succeeding). Speakers will address key strategic issues, such as steps to growing and financing ones business while overcoming ecosystem challenges that prevent growth.

The Women Entrepreneurship Summit is a series of many entrepreneurial events organized by StartUpAfrica as a means to offer another way to extend insights and success stories from a diverse group of entrepreneurs through whom the organization shares its knowledge more broadly to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs.

“StartUpAfrica is excited to host this much needed event in an effort to show that in entrepreneurship, there are no boundaries between those thinking of starting, have small businesses or those with big ventures,” Erastus Mong’are, StartUpAfrica’s Executive Director noted.

Mr. Mong’are said that when President Obama spoke during the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi in July, he noted that “Women are powerhouse entrepreneurs.  The research shows that when women entrepreneurs succeed, they drive economic growth and invest more back into their families and communities.”

The summit therefore is tailored to those women seeking to advance their professional development, either as standalone entrepreneurs or else as catalysts for entrepreneurial innovation from small and medium enterprises to large corporations.

For more information, visit and stay tuned to StartUpAfrica for updates about the summit.



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