New Castle County Executive meets with student entrepreneurs from Kenya: [Video]

New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer met with high school student entrepreneurs from Kenya. He spoke to them in Swahili, something the students weren’t expecting. The young entrepreneurs competed in the University of Delaware Horn Program’s Diamond Challenge.

Although the students didn’t win the competition, they made it to the semifinal. Bethwel Kiprotich, a 12th grader from Kenya, said it’s not about winning.

“I’ve learned a lot. The first thing is that competition is not all about winning, but it’s all about getting new ideas and what impact have you been to society,” said Kiprotich.

Kiprotich and his team pitched their idea for Bio Diesel.

“What we hope is that we will try to bring out a solution towards the environment pollution,” said Kiprotich. “That is the emission of Sulphur oxide. We are producing a fuel that has no Sulphur Oxide, and also we want to create some more job opportunities to the youths in our area, in our locality, and also in the entire world.”

Volunteer Executive Director of StartUpAfrica Erastus Mong’are said they are preparing the students to be job creators in their communities and will work to help the students implement their ideas.

“Kenya, just as the rest of the continent of Africa, is facing a big unemployment among young people,” said Mong’are. “So, if they take one of these ideas or all those three ideas, implement them, start the businesses, create jobs for themselves, and create jobs for the community. Then change will have happened.”

Kiprotich was excited to meet New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer.

“It’s a rare opportunity,” said Kiprotich. “In my country … See Video and Read Full Story