Empowering Africa’s Tomorrow’s Business Leaders:

Entrepreneurship as the Solution


The youth population in sub-Saharan Africa is increasing rapidly with nearly one in three people living in there, or about 297 million, being between the ages of 10 and 24. The youth of the region are also becoming better educated and in the process, contributing to a growing sub-Saharan Africa’s workforce, and therefore, an overwhelming potential for economic growth and development. Sub-Saharan countries must take the opportunity to cultivate the capacity of their youth, a valuable resource for their prosperity. Despite these opportunities, youth unemployment remains a barrier to the region’s development. StartUpAfrica has been supporting youth in the building of business skills and in endeavors that foster financial independence, and create jobs. Ours is a long-term tested solution that requires action now.


Join Us:

StartUpAfrica needs your help to raise awareness and funds for expanding our youth entrepreneurship programs in Africa. Skills training, mentorship and access to capital are the best tested solutions to supporting youth ideas that turn into successful businesses.


While we know that youth entrepreneurship training has its challenges, we are also aware of the many youth who are economically active with some of them motivated to help their families or avoid the traps of idleness. In many communities, we have witnessed youth entrepreneurs demonstrating resourcefulness and inventiveness with a range of successful enterprises.


Motivated by this, we therefore must invest in these African youth by providing access to the right opportunities, skills, mentors, finance/capital, social networks, and technology which will give them enormous potential to be a driving force for economic growth and social progress in their countries.


Take Action Today: YOU are part of the solution.


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Make an online donation today! Funds raised will be devoted to supporting the Diamond Challenge Africa for high school entrepreneurs in 150 high schools in Kenya and Uganda, and expanding the opportunity to other African countries. The Diamond Challenge Africa is an initiative in partnership with the Horn Program in Entrepreneurship at the University of Delaware.


Your gift will ensure that more deserving African youth are exposed to entrepreneurship opportunities, mentored and given to other opportunities and resources to help them succeed in their entrepreneurial aspirations.


Your gift of:

$25 Covers costs for one aspiring youth entrepreneur to attend a Diamond Challenge Africa workshop


$75 Covers a full scholarship for one youth to participate in the annual Entrepreneurship Conference


$100 Covers costs for one high school team of aspiring entrepreneurs to participate in the Diamond Challenge Africa competition


$250 Covers costs for one high school team to access a 90-minute business coaching/strategy session


$500 Covers costs for one school’s Team to attend the Diamond Challenge Africa’s Regional Competition


$1,250 Covers costs for one school’s Team to attend the Diamond Challenge Africa National Competition and Youth Entrepreneurship Summit


$2,500 Covers costs for supporting one prize for startup capital for implementing students’ business ideas


$7,500 Covers air tickets for 4 students and one teacher to participate in the Diamond Challenge US pitch competition



Your donation helps us prepare Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs Today©. Use the link below to make your donations.



All donations are 100% tax-deductible as provided by law of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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