Diamond Challenge Africa is a real world business concept competition with an educational purpose. Participating students work in teams to conceive and test new ideas for new businesses and social enterprises. They will also prepare and deliver a 5-minute pitch and answer questions about their concept. Top teams advance to the Final Round to compete for funding that can be used to launch their proposed business or pursue higher education.

Three reasons on why high school students participate in the Diamond Challenge Africa are: #1 Learn Skills; #2 Expand Career, and # 3 Build Connections.

Panels of entrepreneurs and business executives evaluate written submissions, pitches, and responses to questions in two rounds – a Preliminary Round and a Final Round.

Currently, StartUpAfrica is running the Diamond Challenge Africa in over 150 high schools in Kenya and Uganda. Additional countries are entered into the competition every year. To have your country, high school, or if you are alumni, your former high school be part of this exciting initiative, please contact us for more information.

Diamond Challenge Africa was developed by a broad coalition of partners to provide high school students with an outstanding opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge and skills.

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