Hussein is a finance professional with JP Morgan Chase where he transitioned to from Habitat for Humanity, New Orleans and before that, CARE International. In August of 2005 when Hurricane Katrina devastated his adopted city of New Orleans, Hussein knew instantly that he was called to service and signed up with Habitat for Humanity the same week.  The level of devastation was unparalleled, with a major American city totally destroyed and hundreds of thousands of homes flooded. As the rest of the world, watched the destruction unfold on television, Hussein and a small core of Habitat for humanity staff, gathered in Americus GA, with scores of AmeriCorps volunteers to map the response. They also met with Habitat founders as well as President Jimmy Carter. In the ensuing weeks, Hussein was charged with the task of restoring the financial operation of Habitat for Humanity, rebuilding the organizations online infrastructure, and harnesses a means to channel the world’s eagerness to help. Within weeks, Habitat for Humanity signed hundreds of thousands of volunteers from all over the world, as well as raising millions of dollars to rebuild the city of New Orleans, a city that has always been the soul of America. In the years to follow, Hussein was able to meet and engage with sitting and former US Presidents, powerful CEO’s, celebrities, NBA stars, college students and people from all over the world who volunteered countless hours to rebuild the great city of New Orleans.

Hussein, an alumnus of the East Africa “Uongozi” (leadership) Institute joined our staff in 2011 specifically tasked with developing Long Range Strategic Planning (LRSP), as well as be in charge of DME (overall Design, Monitoring and Evaluation) of the StartUpAfrica’s programs. He sees his transition to corporate America from the non-profit world as a way for helping him tap into a rich resource, that will utilize his MBA in Finance education helping in his next endeavor, equipping the rich asset of Africa (the youth) with resources necessary to be future entrepreneurs and leaders.